SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX feat. HAIM – Warm

Charli XCX is really giving pop fans exactly what they want with the impending release of her sophomore studio album ‘Charli’. Teaming up with HAIM for a song about unrequited love, this little pop gem is heavily cemented in Charli’s PC pop world and is highlighted by HAIM’s strong harmonies.

Exploring a relationship where the other party isn’t opening up and giving the relationship the same level of effort than you are, they question why that is. “So you gotta tell me the reason, why we can’t fall in love. You gotta tell me the reason, why you won’t open up”. 

It’s a song that sounds like typical Charli XCX and fits perfectly in the sonical sound space this new era has situated her in. However, I was expecting a bit more from this production with HAIM’s rhythmic backgrounds accounted for. I expected them to experiment with the production and introduce something a little different to Charli’s sound. But instead it was the other way round, they changed their sound to be like Charli. With a whole record that is compliant to this sound, it would’ve been exciting to hear her push the boundaries a little more and go hard in a different way because there was a lot of potential for this collaboration to be huge but instead it’s just another PC pop moment. 

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