SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Too Hot

The low quality of the accompanying artwork should have been the perfect warning sign to symbolise just how disappointing and awful the impending new single by Jason Derulo would be. But I don’t think anything could have prepared you for the trainwreck that followed. 

Derulo was on a roll for a few years, with hit after hit. Monster single after single. And even huge television and award show performances rightfully thrown at him. But now, he’s become a bit of a running joke. With a string of singles with no real substance to them and the sonical use of the same production, over and over again, Im starting to question where his originality has gone? Where’s the captivating RNB side of him that cemented his star factor in 2009?

With his new single ‘Too Hot’ trying too hard to keep him relevant within the current summer climate, this song is a massive disaster. The recycled production just sounds like everything him and his peers have done for the past two years and fails to deliver anything exciting or innovative. And with the tacky chorus proclaiming “It’s too hot for clothes”, you will be immediately ready to turn this song off. 

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