SINGLE REVIEW: Bebe Rexha – Not 20 Anymore

Bebe Rexha’s debut album ‘Expectations’ was completely under appreciated for what it was. With a strong core of songs that were over looked and not given the attention they deserved, she has signed on to a 4 month slot opening for the Jonas Brothers to try keep her profile up. 

The singer-songwriter has been in the firing line of some harsh criticism from an industry executive who told her that she was becoming too old to dress and act the way she did. A criticism that no one should receive. Especially for someone who has only just turned 30. So her way of retaliating is writing an empowering pop song about it called ‘Not 20 Anymore’ which encourages anyone who is facing age discrimination in their lives to be just authentically themselves and not listen to the unfair words.

Sadly where this song fails to make an impact is within it’s delivery. The execution falls into the cheesy territory instead of being empowering. And while the heart and emotion is clearly there, it’s still hard to connect. “Beauty’s more than a number. When I was younger, I wish I knew that. And now, I’m not afraid, won’t hold myself back”

I want to empathise and I want to feel her passion to fight, but I just don’t feel that within this song. I just hear a well crafted pop song that has been written well but has been rushed put together and doesn’t have the same level of impact that her previous commercial tracks have had. 

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