SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Lo feat. Jax Jones – Jacques 

An intimate one night fling with someone in Paris has turned into a playful storyline for Tove Lo’s upcoming album ‘Sunshine Kitty’. Reminiscing on the raw and cheeky elements of that night, she teamed up with Jax Jones to create the club influenced ‘Jacques’ which unleashes a different side to the singer-songwriter. 

With it’s playful heart and seductive energy, this is the Tove Lo we’ve come to know and love over the years. She’s not afraid of her sexuality or scared to embrace it so bluntly. With experimentation into the club world being something she has slightly approached in the past, she dives deep into the production quirks of this track for something very different.  

With an experimental and DIY layering of British club beats and elements, this song is very much a new direction for Tove Lo. And after a few listens, I’m still not sure on how it sits aesthetically as  a whole.

It’s a song that seems to have a lot going on sonically and Jax Jones has layered a lot of different elements that feel a little over the place. The storytelling really needed to be strong enough to ground the song and it just doesn’t. “I’m with you tonight, but tomorrow I’m not” leads the idea of a one night stand with a lot of sexually charged imagery, but the execution of it all is a little all over the place. Where as ‘Glad He’s Gone’ was so cohesive and definitive with it’s delivery which made it immediately stand out as the lead single. 

I wanted this to be Tove Lo’s club banger of the album. The song that will play in every gay club round the world for a whole year, but it’s so forgettable and nothing really special. So let’s just revisit ‘Disco Tits’ for a little bit, because that song is a BANGER. 

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