LIVE REVIEW: Tom Walker – The Tivoli

Tom Walker is an artist on the rise. His breakthrough single ‘Leave A Light On’ is one of the most easily recognisable pop songs of the past two years and it’s one radio hasn’t let us forget about. With it’s catchy hook, experimental production and soulful vocals, it’s easy to see why it’s remained on heavy rotation and why he won ‘Best Breakthrough Act’ at the Brit Awards and is on a massive world tour. 

Wrapping up his first ever Australian tour in Brisbane in front of a packed out crowd at The Tivoli, the Scottish singer-songwriter highlighted his genuine heart through the soulful pop-rock layering. After a dramatic instrumental opening, he walked out onto the stage to a huge cheer for the opening tracks ‘Angel’ and ‘My Way’. With his impressive vocals immediately taking centre stage, his drummer was giving him a run for his money with his energetic and enthusiastic delivery.

“Cheers Brisbane! Happy Fucking Saturday” he exclaimed to the very excited crowd that tried to chant for him to do a shoey. But he wasn’t having a bar of it. “I’m not doing a shoey” he insisted and quickly segued into the Rudimental collaboration ‘Walk Alone’ and ‘Now You’re Gone’. 

“Are you ready for some Depression tonight?” he asked. “If you’ve bought my album you will know what you’re in for” he jokingly added. He wasn’t afraid to throw in some self deprecation into his banter with the crowd which meshed well with the Australian humour.  

Grabbing his guitar for ‘Karma’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘Rapture’ and ‘Cry Out’, he offered some heavier rock elements, before jumping onto the drums for ‘Dominos’ which showed his versatility as a musician. With the show nearing the end he performed ‘Blessings’ and ‘Just You And I’ which had the singalong moments igniting. 

After saying goodnight, he walked back on for an “encore” and admitted to the crowd that it wasn’t really surprising. Thanking them for coming out and making his first Australian tour so memorable, he closed the show with ‘Not Giving In’ and the mammoth hit ‘Leave A Light On’. 

This genuine live show was full of soul and heart, and with his slick live band adding a heavier rock element to the production, the songs were elevated quite significantly from the studio versions.

Some artists take their support act duties very seriously, and overthink their performance which sometimes causes disconnection. But for Joel Adams, he just took this support slot as the rare opportunity it is to showcase his growing artistry and personality. After appearing on The X Factor in 2012 and gaining a strong online following, he stayed independent and released his debut single ‘Please Don’t Go’ in 2015 which received strong radio and streaming traction. In between that release and now, he has been growing his sound and his repertoire and represented that with his solo tracks ‘Fake Friends’, ‘Coffee’ and his new single ‘Kingdom’ which is out next week. 

With this show also being a homecoming show for him as he is a Brisbane boy and has been living in the US for a few years now, he had a lot of fun on stage and just enjoyed the moment. He even got a little cheeky and performed a cover of Shannon Noll’s ‘What About Me’ which he describes as an Australian classic which had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. 

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Photos by Kirsten Roe

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