ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Lover

There are some people online that reference a Taylor Swift album release to be like the euphoric awakening of Christmas. And honestly they are usually right. It’s the excitement and anticipation of the big day where there is a lot of joy, tears and happiness involved. ‘1989’, ‘Red’ and ‘Reputation’ were the Swift Christmases that spoiled us silly with their deep emotions and catchy melodies. 

But every now and then there is a bad christmas. One where your tears add salt to the wounds and you wish you could just forget that it ever happened. And that Swift Christmas is ’Lover’.

At it’s core, ‘Lover’ is an over calculated pop record that tries so hard to be relevant that she loses her emotional connection and genuine sincerity within the storylines. I found myself questioning her intentions one too many times as she seems lost within herself. 

However In between the cringe worthy hooks, there are some moments that stand out that deserve a better platform to be remembered by. So I’ve decided to break it down for you. 


At the end of the day, it is a Taylor Swift album. if there wasn’t ANY good songs, I would be highly concerned because she’s established herself as one of the modern day greats in the pop game. But with a 7/18 ratio, this is still not a great result either. 

Where the album excels is within the synth soaked dreamy pop songs that ultimately hold the heart of ‘Lover’. With ‘The Archer’ ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’ and ‘Cornelia Street’ leading the way, these tracks will create a soundtrack to your vivid supercut of romantic memories and heartbreak. “And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends. I’d never walk Cornelia Street again. That’s the kinda heartbreak time could never mend” she proclaims during the nostalgia filled song that has already become an instant fan favourite. 

Her country roots re-appear on this record during the romantic and bluesy title track ‘Lover’ while the Dixie Chicks make an appearance on the emotional ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ that addresses her mum being diagnosed with cancer. “And I hate to make this all about me. But who am I supposed to talk to? What am I supposed to do If there’s no you?” she heartbreakingly confesses. 

Ok emotions aside, who wants some pop bops? WE DO! ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘I Think He Knows’ are your gimmicky fun pop moments that have a sweet heart. They are a LITTLE tacky but that’s why we love them cause they just make you feel good. 


These are the in-between moments where my mind isn’t completely made up. ’Paper Rings’ and ‘False God’ are good tracks, but they also feel like they are lacking something. Lacking that extra oomph that makes it a GREAT track. 

‘The Man’ would be in classified in ‘THE GOOD’ category if it wasn’t for the fact that she wrote a female empowerment song with a MAN. Ugh. 


With 18 tracks on the album, she really could’ve cut quite a few, So I’ve compiled some of the ones that are just forgettable to say the least. ’Afterglow’, ’It’s Nice To Have A Friend’ and ‘Daylight’ don’t offer anything exciting, different or new to the album or her discography. They have been written well, and there are some great quotes that Swifties will use on their social media to try out fan each other but the execution of the production is weak. 


For the majority of the album I found myself exclaiming “WTF’ a lot more than I anticipated. The album at it’s core just seems to be so confused on where it wants to sit sonically and what she wants her message and legacy as an artist to be. She went from releasing an empowering and bold record like ‘Reputation’ to delivering an album that hears her taking 10 steps backwards into the bubblegum pop world.

’I Forgot That You Existed’ is Swift’s weakest opener on an album yet. It’s so bad that you will forget it even existed. Then you’ve got the singles ‘ME!’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down’ which are equally as awful. But at least she tried to rectify her mistakes by excluding the “spelling is fun” line from ‘ME!’ on the album. So she, receives a few brownie points for that initiative, but the song is still awful.

‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ just left me questioning ‘WHY?’ but the song that steals the ultimate cringe award is ‘London Boy’. This song embodies the statement ‘WTF!’ whole heartedly. A poor song that is just plain awful. Listen to it and you will understand why within 3 seconds in. 


It is the Christmas that you wish never happened. At it’s core, it’s an album with true potential that is executed poorly by bubblegum pop production but will be appreciated by her 5-10 year old demographic . 

Also, she referenced getting drunk a lot… Can confirm that I never realised how much Ms Swift likes to drink??? Or how much she likes the colour blue now? Because she referenced that a lot too.

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘Lover’ from Sanity HERE;

One Reply to “ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Lover”

  1. I started lukewarm on Lover, but I warmed up to it quickly.

    I don’t think there’s a single bonafide hit on the record, and sometimes its metaphors can seem immature. It seems like the mission statement here is to drop the heavy hooks and pick up detailed storytelling again – the exact opposite of what we heard on Reputation, which ultimately steered away from her personal narrative and gave us some uncharacteristic bangers.

    I don’t necessarily see Lover’s shift as a bad thing, though. The record listens much more like a personal rejuvenation than a blockbuster record. And maybe that’s where a lot of people are getting disgruntled, because we’ve never been presented a Taylor Swift record that isn’t dead set on worldwide domination.

    I dunno… I think we see Taylor just chill out on Lover. Personally, I enjoy it.

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