SINGLE REVIEW: Mura Masa feat. Clairo – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again

Clairo is an artist you probably haven’t stopped hearing in a little while. The Massachusetts singer-songwriter is receiving critical acclaim for her emotionally raw debut album ‘Immunity’ and is deservingly selling out shows and playing huge festivals across the world.

To add to her repertoire, she has teamed up with Mura Masa for a grungey banger that holds a big bite. ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ is an electronic pop song with a gritty element that is reminiscent of Basement Jaxx’s cult classic ‘Where’s Your Head At?’.  

Reflecting on missing a toxic relationship because of it’s history, she reminds herself why the toxicity is bad for her mental health as they just keep going around in circles. “And I’m all in my head now. Don’t you see what you’ve done now?. Missing all the things I wouldn’t have loved”. 

With the anthemic hook having a lot of energy behind it, the drop is extra big because of it’s heart and emotional release. But lyrically it’s the final moments of the song that especially strike a cord of realisation. “And I’ve been thinking of you in my room. Do you remember it too?” she questions. It’s a simple but impactful moment that closes the song in the perfect way. 

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