There’s no denying the mammoth success of Ava Max’s breakthrough single ‘Sweet But Psycho’, but ever since then, her follow up singles like ‘So Am I’ have been severely unimpressive to say the least. The uninspired songs hear her trying to recycle the same format and climb the charts again, but people are smarter than that now. They don’t want the same song or feeling the same thing, they want something different and innovative.

Switching it up for her new single ‘Torn’, she heads towards a disco inspired brit-pop sound. While the intent is there to create something different within her discography, she’s instead just created something that sounds like a Marina b-side which is just as disappointing. With a very similar theatrical-pop vocal style, she morphs into the sonical world well, but with Marina already honing her craft, why do we need a newcomer to try do it better? The easy answer is, we don’t.

Putting the unfortunate production experimentation aside, lyrically the song has a lot of potential. Following a classic storyline of falling for the wrong type of person, she has a playful spin on it that could’ve been a big pop moment in it’s own right. “Oh I wanna stay, wanna walk out the door. Oh no, right now baby I’m torn. I can’t get enough, can’t take anymore. Oh no, right now baby I’m torn”. 

Ava Max is the new Natalia Kills in the pop world. AKA; she’s not for everyone. 

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