SINGLE REVIEW: GRAACE – 21st Century Love

Modern day love is an interesting concept that millions of people are still struggling with adjusting to. We have gone from a romantic world that was fuelled by the want and need for human connection to being accustomed to a faux version of it through social media and dating apps that have completely changed the game. With so many options at our fingertips, the future of monogamy is becoming less realistic as people are continually searching and fantasising over something better. That’s where GRAACE’s new single draws inspiration from as she struggles with the realisation of her present and future dating experiences. 

This commentary on modern day love is obviously severely relevant as anyone who is finding themselves searching for love is in the same situation. With your heart broken longer than when it is fulfilled, she reflects on the elements that cause this during the slick hook. “These insecurities are gonna ruin me. And I know this jealousy will ruin us. We gotta stop faster than we can run. We are twenty-first century love”.

The beautifully penned pop song is simple and effective. With the incorporation of pulsating polished synths and smooth pop production, her vocals glide over the production with ease and delivers yet another standout moment in her growing discography with a modern-day storyteller twist.

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