SINGLE REVIEW: Waterparks – Watch What Happens Next

It was a 107 degrees Fahrenheit day in Las Vegas at Vans Warped Tour when I was cheering on fellow Australian’s Tonight Alive and Chase Atlantic on the legendary final cross country tour when I was introduced to a band with a brightly coloured hair lead singer. Waterparks were a pop-punk band whose name I had heard in conversation and on social media before, but I wasn’t afraid to admit that I hadn’t heard their music. I quickly learnt that I should have. Their energetic set commanded my attention and when they came to Australia later that year for Good Things Festival, I was reminded why I was in awe of them. Their captivating set was full of big singalong moments, a lot of jumping and a lot of laughing. They reminded me of an early All Time Low with their quick wit and wild enthusiasm.

The Texan three piece will be releasing their third studio album ‘Fandom’ on October 11 and it’s promising to be just as energetic and infectious as their previous releases. Their new single ‘Watch What Happens Next’ is a tongue in cheek and confessional song about the music industry and they don’t hold back. In the opening verse, lead singer Awsten Knight opens up about the bands old label who never paid them for their previous two record. “Got nothing from our label. Bitch, pay me what you owe me”. And he doesn’t stop there as he continues to talk about pop-punk culture and the politics that surround the business side with everyone taking a cut and having an opinion. “Everyone is sad when, when bands break up. Well, guess guess guess guess what? They’re defeated as fuck. Shamed out of money by their own culture”. But again, he doesn’t stop there. With pressure about becoming mainstream, theres not much room for movement for a pop-punk band without completely selling out and ruining their reputation. “Hip hop can do whatever it wants. Like make country songs and hit number one. And that’s fucking awesome, we could never do that”. 

It’s a song full of great commentary on the music industry and a very candid look into the business that revolves around Waterparks. Not to mention, the song is a fucking banger. The production is so tight and with a few different melodical progressions separating the verse, bridge and chorus, they really make this song immediately stand out just like their song ‘Royal’ which is an underrated banger. 

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