SINGLE REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin feat. JP Cooper – Losing Me

The evolution of Gabrielle Aplin as an artist is wildly captivating. First introduced as this timid singer-songwriter with a magical voice, she has evolved over time and found the personal confidence that has also been reflected in her new saturated pop stylings. At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about her pure pop EP ‘Avalon’ but over time I couldn’t deny the glittery hope and happiness it injected.

Teaming up with JP Cooper for her new single ‘Losing Me’, Aplin continues with her new pop sound but finds her feet crossing over into her roots as she soulfully harmonises with JP Cooper in this duet format. Reflecting on going through hard times, this song is the commentary you wish you could hear to reaffirm yourself and help lift you. It’s the words we all need to her sometimes. “Just  take a breath, love. Fill your lungs up. Rest your head, there’s no sense in losing sleep. You can break down. Let  your worst out. Lose your temper, but you’re not losing me”. Theres a huge hope feeling which embraces the emotions we feel and reminds us that we will feel better and we will recover. 

This song has major mainstream potential with the two different vocalists coming together for something very uplifting and catchy. It’s a cute song that has a great production that effortlessly helps tell this story and calms the listener with it’s pulsating beat. 

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