SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX feat. Sky Ferreira – Cross You Out

For any emotional gay out there, a Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira collaboration is the ultimate dream. So with the announcement of ‘Cross You Out’, the expectations were high as people anticipated to see what the two strong songwriters from their own unique lanes came up with together. And it’s safe to say this song doesn’t disappoint. The synth infused break-up track is full of emotion as Charli says goodbye to some toxic people in her life who were bringing her down and creating unneeded trauma. Deciding to cut them out, this song provides that euphoric goodbye as she moves on with the rest of her life. “Thought I’d fall apart but you’re gone and I’m doing fine. I’m screaming out”. 

Sky Ferreira fits in smoothly with the production but her impact isn’t as major as you expected or wanted. I was waiting for something a little darker from her that would show a contrast to Charli’s ultra-pop but it never came. 

It’s a song that grows on the listener with each listen. The PC-pop production is watered down as they deliver a ballad that highlights slow-dancing potential. It’s also a song you can imagine her diehard fans screaming with ease in her live show as it has that “when you’re not around” chant that would go HARD. 

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