Spacey Jane are quickly becoming one of the most talked about independent bands in Australia. The Western Australian four-piece are continually delivering big indie-rock tracks with surf-rock elements and heavy guitars. Their new single ‘Good For You’ is an infectious and brash track that is layered with self deprecation but cites a premise of hope as they see things eventually looking up.

As a band, things are definitely looking up for Spacey Jane. The band just performed a HUGE set at Splendour In The Grass and are about to embark on a massive headlining national tour which has seen 8 shows already sell out. On top of that, the band are also appearing at BIGSOUND where they will be performing in front of some of the music industry’s most influential people. 

I recently chatted to Caleb and Kieran from Spacey Jane about the self deprecation behind their new single ‘Good For You’, finding the right balance sonically for the track and explored their growing live show. Check it out HERE;

TB: ’Good For You’ is a punchy track full of personality and festival ready vibes with it’s summer soaked guitar riffs. A lot of layering seemed to happen on this song, so how did you guys as a band play with the sonical angle to make sure it wasn’t “too heavy” but it was as powerful as you wanted it to be?

C: It was definitely a lot heavier when we were jamming it out. it felt like we were 18 again and trying to play as hard and fast as we could. It was a sort of songwriting case study. We trawled through it bit by bit with the help of our fantastic producer Dave Parkin from Blackbird Studio, and refined it to a point where we felt like it reflected our intention. 

TB: What’s the story behind the lyrics of ‘Good For You’? Because I’m sensing a bit of self deprecating happening here? 

C: A LOT of self deprecation there! It’s a reflection on too many failed relationships and just hoping you can make the next one work. I’m trying to let someone know that I love them despite maybe not showing it that well. 

TB: For the music video you teamed up with Matt Sav who has worked with the likes of Tame Impala, POND and San Cisco in the past. So what was it about his vision that resembled this song and the bands aesthetic to you? 

K: Working with Matt was an absolute dream. We’re big fans of his past work and love his style and aesthetic, which come across as so full and realised! With ‘Good For You’, the song is a bit more upbeat and chaotic than our other recent releases, and I think the frantic editing and cutting style really suits it. In general we love working with strong creative direction and Matt provided exactly that. 

TB: Spacey Jane will be embarking on a mostly SOLD OUT Australian tour this September to celebrate the release of the track. So what are you guys as a band looking forward to most about these upcoming shows? 

C: Yea, holy heck! We have some amazing fans, we’re so grateful for the support all around the country. I’m so excited to have Peppa on the road with us, she’s done an amazing job so far and it will be really nice to have this one under our belt with the new line up. It’s also the longest tour we’ve been on, meaning we have a few more free days in and amongst the shows so it will be nice to relax and explore a little. 

TB: As an independent band, what does seeing eight of these 11 shows sell out mean to you? 

C: It’s really the whole purpose of what we do. To have people connect with our music and come and sing and share it with us is a beautiful thing. We’ve been hooked on it since we first experienced it. And with people buying tickets, that means we can keep making music, videos and touring the country and hopefully the world and continue sharing with them. 

TB: After finding success as an independent band has it made you rethink the business model of having a major label? And how important do you think it is to have full creative control of your artistry at the beginning of your career? 

K: Honestly, there’s a whole world out there behind the music industry that we’re just barely beginning to understand. We haven’t really done any re-thinking as everything up to this point feels a bit like a bunch of happy accidents. We really enjoy the creative control we’re granted through our independence, and it’s important to us that we retain that for sure. I reckon there’s a way to get the best of both worlds, and it’s what we’re striving for! 

TB: You guys recently performed at Splendour In The Grass for the first time, so from opening for other artists and playing headline shows, how did playing a festival of this status compare? 

C: I don’t think we’ve ever rehearsed our set as much as we did in the lead up to that weekend! We were incredibly nervous and we felt like we had something to prove as we are so new to festivals and the east coast scene. 

It was great for us to just focus on playing a really good show and knowing that for a lot of people it would be the first time seeing us, I think that was the biggest difference. 

TB: What was one of the craziest/weirdest things that happened to you guys during the Splendour in The Grass weekend? Because I feel like you could probably get into some real mischief. 

K: We were surprisingly pretty well behaved this year unlike when Caleb and I went as punters in 2016! I think we were scared of getting kicked off site for misbehaving honestly. Impostor syndrome is a big deal.

TB: Spacey Jane will be performing at BIGSOUND at the start of September which is a bit of a daunting experience as you will be showcasing your set in front of industry personnel. So going into these shows, what are you hoping to gain or learn from BIGSOUND? 

K: I reckon BIGSOUND is going to be a blast. The number 1 attraction for me personally is the sheer number of awesome bands playing. It feels like a bit of a cohort/classmate situation where we have a lot of admiration for a bunch of bands in Australian music, and now we get to go and watch them and hang out with them! 

TB: My morning pump up song is… 

C: Mr. Brightside by The Killers!

TB: If I could live on any planet it would be… 

C: This one! Let’s not kill it. 

TB: The emoji that best describes our new single ‘Good For You’ is…

C: Spaceship 

TB: Pineapple on Pizza is… 

C: Acceptable 

TB: Sometimes I wish I could… 

C: Purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking 

Spacey Jane Australian Tour 

Saturday 31 August – The Foundry, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 1 September – The Foundry, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

Friday 6 September – Low 302, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 7 September – Low 302, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 8 September – Low 302, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday 11 September – Old Bar, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 12 September – Old Bar, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Friday 13 September – Wrangler, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 14 September – Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 

Friday 20 September – Freo Social, Fremantle 

Saturday 21 September – Freo Social, Fremantle 

Saturday 28 September – Wave Rock Weekender, Hyden 

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