MIXTAPE REVIEW: Bazzi – Soul Searching

Following the release of his debut album ‘Cosmic’ last year, Bazzi has returned with a bold and impactful mixtape that is just as engaging as his debut record. ‘Soul Searching’ is a very honest affair that hears him baring his pain but also highlighting the contrast of hope and love that intertwines with the nature of life. With the strong success of the singles ‘Paradise’, ‘Focus’ and ‘I.F.LY’, this mixtape actually has a lot of weight and pull behind it. And with it’s impressive production which is very bold and prominent, I can’t help but question why this was only pitched as a mixtape release as it feels like it deserves the acclaim of a body of work. There are a lot of mainstream elements thrown into the production, which highlights a comparison between the likes of Post Malone and Khalid who are also making notable chart traction. 

Opening track ‘Humble Beginnings’ reflects on exactly what the title suggests. Starting at the bottom, he’s worked his way up to major success and now he can’t believe. “Can’t believe that we made it. We was broke, we was breaking. Now I’m here and I’m staying”. Following that honest sentiment, title track ‘Soul Searching’ sees people showing love after never being interested only because of his new found status. It’s the classic story that we’ve heard over and over again but he does show a new edge with his blunt storytelling. 

The honest ‘No Way’ and ‘Conversations With Myself’ keep it short and sweet while showing a real genuine openness to his lyrical nature. ‘Live Forever’ is the anthem you were waiting for which will instantly become a fan favourite and will be a playlist favourite as it invokes that summer feeling you want to have. While he just keeps the laid back summer vibes going with ‘Fallin’ and ‘Can We Go Back To Bed?’. This is an impressive mixtape that deserves the acclaim of an album because it’s just as cohesive and engaging as his debut. 

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