LIVE REVIEW: Thelma Plum – The Triffid

Thelma Plum’s unique charm is her blunt honesty. She’s unapologetic about what she’s passionate about and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But the other big factor is her giant heart. She feels a lot and has a lot of empathy which shines through her captivating songwriting.

Following the release of her debut album Better In Blak’, Plum kicked off her Australian tour in Brisbane over the weekend with a sold out show in Brisbane. With the excited crowd packing out The Triffid on a late Saturday night, she walked on stage for the opening number ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’. Looking out to the cheering and ecstatic crowd, she looked a little overwhelmed. Struggling to find composure, she kept looking at the back of the stage and fighting off tears. After all, this sold out show was also a giant homecoming for her as she is a local Brisbane girl who sometimes lacked the confidence and self belief that this dream would come true. Pulling herself together she continued with ‘How Much Does Your Love Cost’ and recent album favourite ‘Woke Blokes’. 

Getting emotional again after seeing the crowd scream the lyrics along, she laughed and admitted “I saw Ariana Grande cry once, so it’s okay” as she made fun of herself for getting all emotional. And with the crowd wildly screaming and encouraging her she confessed “you need to stop doing that” as she kept working herself up. 

Following the angsty ‘Don’t Let A Good Girl Down’ she confessed that she felt a lot better and no longer was emotional. Which hilariously slid into some of the most emotional songs in the set. Dedicating ‘Homecoming Queen’ to one of her friends who was in the front row she then stripped things back with an acoustic performance of ‘Do You Ever Get So Sad You Can’t Breathe’ and ‘Nick Cave’. 

One of the most touching moments came during ‘Homecoming Queen’ when she sang about growing up and not feeling represented in the media and learning to love herself again. She sang the line “I am a woman now. I feel beautiful, and I love myself” and the crowd burst in cheering in support which was so beautiful and unexpected. 

With the crowd singing along to new tracks ‘Ugly’ and ‘Love And War’, she then gave them a slick and unique cover of Khalid’s ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ followed by old favourite ‘Around Here’ which she encouraged everyone to “swear along” if they knew the song. 

With ‘Better In Blak’ “closing out the show”, she quickly returned by herself for an acoustic performance of ‘Father Said’ which she dedicated to the recent loss of dedicated music fan ‘Andrew Silver’ followed by the Paul Kelly co-penned ‘Made For You’. Thanking everyone for wanting to be apart of this show, she officially closed the show with the huge singalong moment that was ‘Clumsy Love’. 

Thelma Plum is a storyteller and in-between her quirky anecdotes and honest songwriting, it’s not hard to see why she has continued to connect with more and more people over the years. She is the real deal, in the most sincere and genuine way. 

Opening the show was the sultry and hard hitting vibes of Miiesha who made sure she had the crowds full attention immediately. With only the two singles ‘Black Privilege’ and ‘Drowning’ out in the world at the moment, she was focusing on acquainting herself with the crowd through this set so they can prepare themselves for more new music from the rising newcomer soon.

Woodes is another rising star who radiates uniqueness. Over the years she has transformed into this genre defying artist whose experimental indie-pop has captured a cinematic flare. Opening with ‘Rise’ she dives into her growing discography with songs like ‘The Thaw’, ‘Daggeres & Knives’ and ‘Run For It’. 

Spinning around in circles, she gracefully moves across the stage, showing off her beautiful outfit that added to her unique personality. Mixing it up for a second, she included her Set Mo collaboration ‘I Belong Here’ which is a bonafide bop and a half with it’s catchy and unforgettable hook. But then she dived back into her moody and aesthetically pulsating songs with ‘How Long I’d Wait’, ‘Change My Mind’ and set closer ‘Dots’ that had this dark edge and prominent drum heart to them. Woodes is an entertainer who is continually growing and truly belongs on a big stage, like the one she was on tonight. 

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Photos by Kelsey Doyle 

Thelma Plum Australian Tour

Thursday 15 August – Uni Bar – Wollongong

Friday 16 August – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Saturday 17 August – The Factory Theatre, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 22 August – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave *SOLD OUT*

Friday 23 August – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 24 August – Corner Hotel, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday 28 August – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thursday 29 August – Corner Hotel, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Friday 30 August – Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 31 August – Freo Social, Fremantle *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 31 August – Freo Social, Fremantle *Second Show*

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