ALBUM REVIEW: Half.Alive – Now, Not Yet

The experimental layering of Half.Alive has become extremely captivating. The American three-piece are invading the pop, rock and electronic world in a bold and whole different way. Their DIY approach is compelling and their impact is highlighting that. With the breakthrough success of their single ‘Still Feel’, they’ve topped a lot of the “must watch” lists and are selling out shows world wide from generated pure excitement.

Their debut album has been in the “highly anticipated” category since the release of their EP ‘3’ in 2017. And with ‘Now, Not Yet’ finally out in the world, the experimental format of this record is exactly what you expected and wanted from the trio. Opening with the distortion and epic rock stylings of ‘Ok Ok’, they quickly shifted into a DIY format of synths and loops. This experimental format is where the majority of the album lies. Some of the songs are more mainstream inclined than others including ‘Runaway’ and ‘Maybe’ that have strong crossover potential. As well as their catchy single siblings like ‘Still Feel’, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Pure Gold’ which have had strong streaming success. 

Whereas on the other end of the spectrum, ’Trust’, ‘Ice Cold’ and ‘Rest’ are very experimental and different. The play with different musical ideas such as jazz and pop elements that aren’t as expected as some of the other tracks. But Half.Alive excel in the unexpected. No one knew what to expect with this album. All they knew was that is was going to be different and experimental and they’ve delivered that. This is a record which is going to come alive in their live show and needs to be experienced in that way as well as immersing yourself in a listening session. 

Half.Alive Australian Tour

Friday 16 August – The Metro, Sydney 

Saturday 17 August – Howler, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Monday 19 August – The Zoo, Brisbane

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