SINGLE REVIEW: Ruel – Face To Face

Ruel is a force to be reckoned with on all possible levels. At the fresh age of 16, the Australian singer-songwriter is showcasing a raw talent that is above and beyond his peers and elders in the industry. Tapping into a soulful sound and production that is missing in the current climate, it’s refreshing to see a younger fanbase supporting an artist that isn’t your cliche pop-star. His music isn’t your typical radio “banger” and sometimes seems better suited to another time but that is the  appeal. His maturity is profound and continues to impress people of all ages as he stays true to his roots. 

His new EP ‘Free Time’ will be released on September 13, ahead of his biggest headlining national tour yet. To keep his fans anticipating the release, he’s just dropped a new single that is full of soul. ‘Face To Face’ is a slow burning song that doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal as ‘Painkiller’ or his SG Lewis collaboration ‘Flames’. But nether less, it’s a song his fans will love because it’s whole heartedly him. 

Longing someone’s attention he explores how social media has taken away human connection. All he wants is to sit face to face and have a real connection instead of beating around the bush in a games esq manner. “I’m in my bed sitting, talking to screens all day but I can’t seem to say what’s on my brain. But I wonder, I wonder If you would feel the same. If one day we’d meet face to face”. 

The concept, heart and vocal strength is there, but the execution of the production lacks the memorable drive. After a couple listens I was still struggling to remember the song and pin-point the elements I wanted to critique. It’s not a bad a song in any means, its actually very mature. But it’s just not memorable or crazy different unlike his previous singles that have started this new evolution. It’s a simple little song that will please his hardcore fans and hold them over until the next moment that will lead into the EP release. 

Ruel Australian Tour

Thursday 19 September – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 22 September – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Tuesday 24 September – Festival Hall, Melbourne 

Thursday 1 October – Odeon, Hobart

Thursday 3 October – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 

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