SINGLE REVIEW: Love Fame Tragedy – Backflip

It’s really interesting when the lead singer of a band as established and unique as The Wombats, decides to have a side project. At the end of the day, a lot of The Wombats difference in the industry, comes from the uniqueness of lead vocalist, Matthew Murphy. And with the premiere of Love Fame Tragedy through the single ‘My Cheating Heart’, there wasn’t much to differentiate. The production was bright and fun and had a very similar festival ready sound that drove The Wombats whole back catalogue. 

His new single ‘Backflip’ doesn’t really establish a different sound either. There is a slight experimentation with a dark premise, but other than that, this is what you would expect from a song by The Wombats. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a little confusing as to why he’s doing the side project. Is it cause the band needed a break from touring and his creative mind didn’t want to? Or is it cause the material he’s pushing out feels a little different for him? The answer is unsure but ‘Backflip’ is a decent song with a catchy hook that will undoubtedly be a highlight in his upcoming premiere shows. 

Love Fame Tragedy Australian Tour 

Tuesday 8 October – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Wednesday 9 October – Howler, Melbourne 

Thursday 10 October – The Zoo, Brisbane 

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