SINGLE REVIEW: Hazlett – Suncats

Capturing the emotional tenderness of Sufjan Stevens and the anthemic hopefulness of Dean Lewis, Brisbane singer-songwriter Hazlett continues his artistic journey in a strong and captivating manner. ‘Suncats’ is a song that embodies a hopeful moment during it’s most vulnerable core. Finding strength during the self-pity stage that follows a break-up, he was inspired by the simple things in life to reignite that spark deep within him.

Watching the light bounce off his guitar, he was transported to another place as he watched the light dance on the wall and capture something so beautiful that he didn’t even realise or envision before. “Heavy hearts have a crazy side” he reflects on the rapid speed that we can fall in love with someone and get so emotionally attached. But with heartbreak following it’s sometimes hard to remember the positive growth. 

“Just don’t go thinking it’s a waste of time” he reassures himself and others that may be feeling disheartened after opening themselves up over and over again to be left feeling broken and confused. He embodies this feeling with a very light and euphoric production that creates a very beautiful and anthemic infused singalong. 

Picking himself up again, ‘Suncats’ is a great representation of Hazlett putting the pieces of his heart and trust back together and finding comfort within himself to get out of his post-depression state that was consuming him so quickly. This is only the beginning for what is to come from the thought envoking artist he has become. 

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