SINGLE REVIEW: Bonnie Anderson – Never Be The One

Bonnie Anderson has never stopped believing in herself or her vision. The Melbourne based singer-songwriter is a powerhouse vocalist and over the years she has proved that with singles like ‘Raise The Bar’, ‘Unbroken’ and most recently she dropped the gorgeous and stripped back ‘Sorry’ which reiterated that. With her time now divided between filming schedules for her role on the hit Australian TV soap Neighbours, she still likes to remind people where her heart lays. With her character regularly singing covers of tracks like ‘Day You Went Away’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘All Of Me’, she doesn’t let her roots fade away. 

Anderson finally unveils the next move in her musical journey by releasing her new single ‘Never Be The One’. The dark RNB track takes a soulful and polished pop route that immediately stands out in her discography as one of her strongest releases yet. It has a bold and mature delivery that hears her authentically being herself. She’s not trying to be anyone else or to sound like anyone else. She’s just authentically Bonnie Anderson. 

She layers the dark and moody RNB production with bright electronic synths that offer a strong contrast. “No I’m not perfect. Why you trying to make me something that I’m not? And you’re not perfect, let me make my own mistakes, it’s what I want” she confesses as she explores the humanisation of relationships.  Embracing that she will never be ideally “perfect” she realises that her imperfections and her mistakes are what makes her stronger. “Cause I’ll never be the one, that will get it right, every single time”.

Theres a dark and moody element that adds a seductive and alluring feeling to the song which will have you wanting to hit repeat. 

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