LIVE REVIEW: Dope Lemon – The Tivoli 

In classic Dope Lemon style, their sold out Brisbane show felt a bit like a crazy acid trip. With an at capacity crowd filling up The Tivoli on a Thursday night, there were drinks being spilled left, right and centre as the rhythmic swaying to the zoned out stylings began. Soaked in red lighting, the dramatic opening saw Angus Stone and his band take to the stage for a big guitar jam before launching into ‘Stone Cutters’, ‘How Many Times’ and early highlight ‘Marinade’.

With a beautiful stage setup that saw a silky curtain draped across the back with a big lit up ‘Dope Lemon’ sign hanging, their stage felt so well lit and aesthetically pleasing. For ‘Hey You’ interpretive dancers appeared wearing cat heads as they danced across the stage. After taking their head pieces off, they remained on stage for the rest of the set and danced through tracks like ‘Coyote’, ‘Hey Little Baby’ and ‘Fuck Things Up’. 

With the set creeping closer to the end they played ‘Honey Bones’, ‘Salt N Pepper’ and ‘Home Soon’ before saying good night to the warmed up crowd. With a chant breaking through the venue for more, they returned for the euphoric singalong of ‘Uptown Folks’ which closed out the whole show. 

For a tour that is meant to be about celebrating the release of their new album, they didn’t play many songs from ‘Smooth Big Cat’. With only three out of the ten songs played, it felt very under played and a missed opportunity. While the crowd are more acquainted with the older material, there were a lot of fans in attendance who wanted to experience the new chilled out material as that is what they were promised. They left feeling a little let down. But knowing the laid back vibes that Dope Lemon’s music create, they kept the show to a 70 minute duration which felt perfectly timed and curated for the crowd. 

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Photos by Jordan Rogers-Smith 

Smooth Big Cat Australian Tour 

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