SINGLE REVIEW: CXLOE feat. Gnash – Sick

CXLOE is killing the game, and she is not holding anything back in the aim to become the biggest name in Australian pop. With this goal clearly set in her vision, the Central Coast singer-songwriter has been consistently delivering a string of hard-hitting pop songs that embody an experimental layer, making her immediately stand out.

With every release, she has opened up another side of her artistry from reflecting on the dark side of Los Angeles on ‘Monster’, the seductive and playful manner of ‘Show You’, the self reflective and anxiety ridden ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ to the narcism of the music industry on ‘Low Blow’. And for her new single ‘Sick’ she continues to dive deeper on the mind games of dating and the infatuation she has for someone by encouraging them to mess her up a little because she’s gotten used to be treated badly. But she still wants there to be love underneath it all. “Oh I want you to fuck me up. Like one two thousand times. Oh I want you to make me sick. Love me out my mind” she sings during the catchy chorus. 

Providing a DIY infused electronic production, she soaks the format of the song into heavy synths and adds a grunge effect to her polished structure. With the song still heavy cemented in her pop roots, this is still a pop song. But there is an experimental layer that adds a uniqueness to her impact. 

Teaming up with Gnash, this marks CXLOE’s first collaboration for her project and they both really did a great job at showing a contrast to their styles. It doesn’t seem out of place for either of these artists to feature on this song together and Gnash makes his verse his own but CXLOE still owns the spotlight.  

Compared to her previous releases, ‘Sick’ is a bit of a slow burner sonically. But after a few listens you will be in deep and ready for her to finally release a full collection of material. 



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