SINGLE REVIEW: Lara Andallo – Confidential

Australia has a new RNB pop-star on the rise, and it’s time to get acquainted with her. Lara Andallo first started making waves two years ago when she released a handful of bedroom recordings that gained worldwide attention because of their professional matter. 

Fast forward the time in-between, the 19 year old Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter has just signed to Warner Music Australia and has a body of work that is ready for the world to be re-introduced to the star she was born to be.

Her debut single ‘Confidential’ is a slick piece of RNB heaven that is ultra smooth and has an element of modern grooviness added to it. Citing recent inspiration from the likes of Kehlani, Kali Uchis, SZA and Ciara, this song is soulful, smooth and sultry at it’s core. This coming of storyline hears her realising that she’s different and may have different goals in life compared to others but finding a confidence in that hope and strength. “Had a lot of homies all around me, they used me, they stitched me up. I’ve been let down one too many times, I’m not worth it, won’t risk it all. Only room for the ones who’ve got my back”. She goes from acknowledging her pain to realising that she is worth it and deserves more. 

There’s a sense of empowerment that uplifts the whole mood of the song and give this track the edge it needed. It’s a strong debut that is a fresh sound for the Australian music industry because there is no one really doing what she’s doing in such a professional and polished way down under. 

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