SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – I Like To Dance

From a quick glance at the title ‘I Like To Dance’, you would assume that this would be another upbeat festival track similar to ‘Happy Song’, but it’s not. In fact, this song is actually one of Alex The Astronaut’s most confronting and hard hitting songs yet. Reflecting on the hard truth of domestic violence which still affects many people around the world, she puts an important spotlight on the topic in a reflective matter.

After having a conversation with a magistrate who opened her eyes on the devastating truth of how many cases he witnesses go through the court system, she was was inspired to do something. Being a songwriter (and an emotionally charged one at that), she was inspired to look at the mindset of the victim and the resilience and strength they embody. 

Keeping the production stripped back and having the storyline at the forefront, she doesn’t compromise her vision and makes this a key storytelling experience. Beginning by exploring the emotional bond the victim has with their abuser she sets the tone as to why they would feel connected to stay. “We were so in love, My friends were jealous of me. He held me close, I felt at home and I had alway felt alone”. When someone is a victim of mental or physical abuse they are usually afraid to leave the person because of what people will think about them because they feel damaged and not worthy of someones love after what they’ve been through. There is also an element of being scared of what their abuse will do next to them if they try to leave. “You scream why don’t you leave . My kids are two and three. I just can’t pay for what they need. We both know he’d find me”.

Her lyrics are so hard hitting, raw and intense but it’s the line “I just wish he’d stop hitting me” which is super triggering. The emotive song is beautiful and heartbreaking at it’s core and it continues her beautiful evolution as a storyteller. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with domestic violence or abuse, please contact 1800 RESPECT

Vera Blue + Alex The Astronaut Australian Tour

Saturday 31 Aug – The Cube, Wodonga

Saturday 7 September – Nex, Newcastle

Sunday 8 September – C.Ex Coffs, Coffs Harbour 

Thursday 12 September – Astor Theatre, Perth 

Friday 13 September – HQ Complex, Adelaide 

Thursday 19 September – Saloon Bar, Launceston 

Friday 20 September – Uni Bar 

Saturday 21 September – Costa Hall, Geelong

Friday 11 October – Brothers, Cairns

Saturday 12 October – James Cook Uni Bar, Townsville

Sunday 13 October – Magnums Hotel, Airlie Beach 

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