Giulia Giannini McGauran is a name that has been floating around the Australian music industry for the past couple of years. With her innovative and bold ideas capturing unique focuses, the Melbourne based photographer and visual artist has worked with the likes of The Rubens, Client Liaison, Meg Mac, Japanese Wallpaper and Alice Ivy. But some of her most impressive work has come through her collaborations with Eilish Gilligan. The two “out of the box” artists have created some of the most impressive, unique and visually stunning artworks of the past couple of years. 

Stepping out from behind the lens, McGauran is introducing herself with a dreamy new musical project. GG McG is the name you can expect to hear and experience her DIY sounds, and her debut single marks herself as an artist that you will want to get acquainted with immediately. ‘Boom’ is just one of those songs that will hit you in the feels from the very first time you hear it. Finding a double meaning she looks at the infatuation you have with someone and not believing they are real and then the disbelief that you’re saying goodbye to them so quickly. Whether that is losing a loved one or experiencing a heavy break-up, there is a universal connection of loss that can be connected. “Boom, you’re out of this world and I didn’t see it coming. Boom, you’re out of this world, now I’m crying when I’m running”. 

Falling into the indie-pop territory, the production has a DIY element as she builds together different pop synths and creates something rather captivating. It’s just a catchy and relatable song that introduces herself as a triple threat; a singer, a songwriter and a visual artist. 

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