SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Lo feat. ALMA – Bad As The Boys

Tove Lo has always been about pushing the boundaries. Whether it was lyrically by showing deep vulnerability in her mainstream pop songs or by being unapologetically provocative in her art-house inspired short films, she successfully did it. 

There’s no one like her in the industry and that’s what makes her so unique and memorable. She sings about what she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t apologise for it. Her third studio album ‘Blue Lips’ was severely underrated and still deserves a high level of praise. But she’s hoping her fourth studio album ‘Sunshine Kitty’ (Out 20 September) will rightfully get the acclaim like her first two records did. 

Coming in hot with the second official single, ‘Bad As The Boys’ is a fresh take on a heartbreak song. It’s a concept we’ve heard from her extensively in the past, so she’s switched things up and opened up a little deeper about her dating past. Identifying as a bisexual woman, she explores her relationship with a woman and just how toxic and heartbreaking it can still be because when you strip away gender, it’s still raw love, emotions and heartbreak. 

“I met her in the summer, thinking life will get better. But she’s gone now. Took my heart and sunk with it. She was just as bad as the boys”. Reclaiming her genuine honesty, this song doesn’t hold back. With a sense of freedom thanks to the correct clarification of pro-nouns, she has nothing to hide. 

The production is understated and has a dreamy indie-pop element that perfect interpolates with her back catalogue. But while this track is enjoyable, I was waiting for a bigger and more impactful moment. However it just sits in cruise control and is very relaxed with the experimental mannerism. Even ALMA blends into the track and she NEVER usually blends. 

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