SINGLE REVIEW: LAUV feat. Anne Marie – Fuck I’m Lonely

13 Reasons Why should’ve been stopped after it’s shocking season one finale, but for some reason it’s still going. And with a third season about to premiere on Netflix, you can’t help but question if anyone even cares anymore? But whether or not people actually care about the show anymore is irrelevant because the track listing for the accompanying soundtrack is very impressive to say the least. Featuring the likes of Yungblud, K.FLAY, Charli XCX and 5 Seconds Of Summer with exclusive new tracks, it warrants a genuine level of excitement.

Leading the way with the first single is LAUV and Anne Marie for a very exciting and honest collaboration. ‘Fuck I’m Lonely’ is a song that immediately makes it’s impact from the moment you read the title. There’s no hiding the emotional weight that sits behind this track, or the intensity that this song has the potential to provide because the art of being lonely is a universal emotion.

Combing forces to get a little sad and honest, these two artists provide and simple emotionally charged track about anxiety and being in love. It’s not the two easiest things to balance and sometimes you can really find yourself questioning the legitimacy.

“Fuck, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m lonely as. Fuck, come hold me, come hold me, come hold me.It’s been me, myself, and why did you go, did you go? Oh,  fuck, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, lonely”. It’s a repetitive structure that works well in making it’s impact and their two voices blend well together.

Technically it’s not a powerhouse track or a song with huge impact, but the idea is great. The execution is super chill and a great representation of both artists but I do feel like Anne Marie could’ve should a bit more personality whether that was more emotion or delivering a quirkier approach.

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