SINGLE REVIEW: Natasha Bedingfield – Kick It 



Now, this is a comeback everyone should be talking about. Not only were ‘These Words’, ‘Unwritten’ and ‘Pocketful Of Sunshine’ anthems in their own right, they’ve also stood the test of time with them still being played on radio and playlisted in movies and TV shows a-like. It’s been nine years in-between albums for Natasha Bedingfield but she is changing that on August 30 with the release of her fourth studio album ‘Roll With Me’. 

Kicking off this fun and playful new era with the experimental lead single ’Roller Skates’, this was a whole new sound for her. It was jazz meets electronic pop in the most bizarre way. She has decided to follow it up with the pop friendly ‘Kick It’ which continues the playful approach. 

This song has a lot of mainstream potential with her crisp and powerful pop vocals taking lead that you’ve missed with her raspy ad-libs and vocal control. The production is light and fresh with a tropical pop base. When you look for comparisons the song sits somewhere in the fresh factor of Anne Marie and the vocal power of Sia. A big call to make, but she deserves it. Reflecting on the complications and rewards of a long-term relationship she puts an emphasis on standing up for yourself to make things work. “Kick it if you wanna make it” she sings during the catchy hook. 

The song may not be an instant smash hit like the previously stated greatest hits in her discography but it’s a very enjoyable track that hears her reminding people of her strong songwriting, her powerhouse vocals and her knack for being able to create a fun and decent pop track. 

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