SINGLE REVIEW: LPX – Global Warming

Sometimes you need to be reminded to not give up, to keep going even though everything else around is telling you to stop. We all need the extra motivation to find that inner strength within us and LPX is embracing that by creating an anthem that is all about encouraging the underdogs. ‘Global Warming’ is a strong continuation in Lizzy Plapinger’s bold introduction as a solo artist. The New York singer-songwriter has so far delivered some kick-ass high-octane songs that she described in an interview with us as “sonical cocaine”. And that is honestly the best way to describe it. With the high energy of the production comes passionate and emotional undertones through her lyrical content. And this song is in no shortage of that. In resonating with being an underdog she strives for acknowledgment and encouragement that she can do it and that she can beat the odds. It’s all about self-empowerment and believing in yourself. 

“Oh, I feel it, I can’t ignore it. Like California I’m getting warmer. Heating, I can’t ignore it. That global warming, I’m getting warmer” she sings during the catchy hook. Using the metaphoric analogy of global warming to describe her come-up and her persistence, this song takes on a whole different life. It’s catchy and perfectly adds a contrast to her high-octane and nostalgic influenced 80’s pop-rock fusion that she’s delivered so far. 

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