SINGLE REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – Just Like You

Jessica Mauboy’s upcoming fourth studio album ‘Hilda’ (Out 18 October) is all about reconnecting with her roots again. Stripping the production back to it’s raw heart, she explores her relationship with her family, love, loss and everything in between. This record is shaping up to be Mauboy’s strongest and best body of work to date and she’s continuing to prove that with another vulnerable promotional single. 

‘Just Like You’ is the perfect follow up track to her recent single ‘Little Things’ because of it’s intimate and raw sentiment. Reflecting on the strong relationship of her mum and dad which set an expectation for her of what love is like, this song is dedicated to them. The stripped back nature of this song adds an emotional flare to her delivery that will have you in awe of her immaculate vocals and her vivid storytelling. Declaring that she’s finally found someone who lives up to all the expectations that she made for herself from watching her parents, she declares that love. 

“Don’t know why I got so lucky but I think I found somebody like you, just like you. He holds my hand while we dance around the room, just like you. Looks at me the way you do. I found someone to hold onto. I found a good man, just like you”. 

It’s a stripped back pop ballad that doesn’t try hard to be anything it’s not. It’s a vulnerable and a simple song that is full of emotion and love. It’s vocally and emotionally stunning and will have you wanting to press replay again to listen to how raw and sincere it is. 

Jessica Mauboy will be releasing a four track EP for ‘Little Things’ including ‘Just Like You, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Blessings’ on August 9. Pre order from Sanity HERE; 

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