EP REVIEW: Flume feat. Reo Cragun – Quits

It seems like a very interesting tactical decision to release an EP with just one collaborator but that’s exactly what Flume has strangely done. The success of his single ‘Friends’ with Reo Cragun has been quite steady with it being added to heavy rotation surrounding his massive festival spots this year. But instead of diving into different sounds with Cragun, this EP instead sounds like a collection of demos and ideas they were trying to decide on for the lead single. It seems a bit pointless to release all three of these tracks in this format. 

‘Friends’ is the obvious hit amongst these three tracks. It’s catchy, experimental and pure fire. Next to it, ‘Quits’ and ‘Levitate’ just don’t come anywhere close to re-creating or succeeding the magic it masters with such ease. 

‘Quits’ follows a very similar melodical structure that will have the listener being able to sing the lyrics to ‘Friends’ over the production very easily. The drop and structure is way too similar and it’s a shame because it over shadows the impact. ‘Levitate’ is thankfully a little different with melodical structure, but it’s still nothing great. It’s reminiscent of his early stuff but sounds like a b-side that for obvious reasons got left behind. 

Flume should have just left it with ‘Friends’ as the lead single and had these two songs as exclusive live tracks in his new show. 

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