The return of HAIM was a return I was very excited about. Their sophomore album ‘Something To Tell You’ was an under-appreciated affair of groovy hooks and slick harmonies. With the continuation of their career and artistic progression, I was intrigued to see where they would melodically take their sound to next. But ‘Summer Girl’ was definitely not what I expect. Especially from the anthemic sounding title, I expected a huge summer track full of catchy hooks and dreamy harmonies. Instead, we just got a lot of dreamy harmonies with simplistic production. 

The understated track sounds like a demo that isn’t completely finished yet. With the saxophone quietly playing in the background, I was patiently waiting for it to be brought into the spotlight but that never happened. The base of the song is very minimalistic and nothing is really over thought or amplified. 

Throughout the songs duration, lead vocalist Danielle Haim reflects on finding out that her partner had cancer and traveling the world in support of their recent album and having to leave him behind. Every time she returned to see him she just wanted to be his ray of sunshine and light of positivity and that’s the idea this song captures. “Lightning in your eyes, you can’t speak. Falling from the sky, down to me. I see it in your face, I’m relief. I’m your summer girl”. 

It’s a really sweet, metaphorical and candid idea that feels very under stated. It could’ve been a big moment that felt euphoric. And instead it’s dreamy and romantic but also a little boring. 

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