SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Cyrus – July

Noah Cyrus is all about releasing music with a deep meaning. Music that may not be commercially friendly but has a genuine heart behind it. The material has a lot of emotion and it resonates with the broken hearted in a compassionate and empathetic way. Well, that’s my take on the singer-songwriters honest and simplistic approach anyway. She’s not trying to be someone or be an artist that she’s not and is telling her story in a stripped back and experimental way. 

‘July’ is the next chapter from the artists vulnerable vault and is the beginning of a string of new music that is promised to get you just as emotional as this song does. Reflecting on a toxic relationship she questions her morals and why she still stays after all the hurt she has been put through. “You remind me every day. I’m not enough, but I still stay”. But it’s the idea of hope that makes her stay. Hope that it will all work out and that she will end up being enough for the person that she lvoes. She knows that she loves him and shows that proudly but she’s just waiting on him to realise. 

Stripping back the production she keeps this song in a simplistic realm where the storytelling and the raw emotion is at the forefront of the listeners mind. This is a beautiful and simple song that is all about the emotions and the mature journey she has been on as an artist and as a young woman. 

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