SINGLE REVIEW: Tegan And Sara – I’ll Be Back Someday

To tie in with the release of their memoir ‘High School’, Tegan And Sara are releasing a new album with a unique concept behind it. Reimagining their recorded tapes from their high school years, they are revisiting the start of their musical career in a raw and innovative way. ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’ is the lead single from this collection and hears them returning to their guitar heavy roots and punk influence. 

Reflecting on the idea of trust and someone breaking it, they get a little cynical and opt to run away so they don’t continue to get hurt. “To the end, my friend, oh what a lie”. It’s that teen angst that we’ve all felt at one point in our life and even have resurfaced in our adult lives at some point. 

There is a nostalgic and immature reflection that haunts the roots of this track, but they’ve been able to add their wise ideology to it that it ends up feeling like a fresh and new idea. It also has that classic Tegan And Sara sound to it which their early fans fell in love with and will be a song that they will have on replay over and over again. 

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