SINGLE REVIEW: Eliott – Find A Way

Eliott has a unique and powerhouse voice like no one else in the Australian music industry, and that’s a fact. The Melbourne singer-songwriter will immediately gain your attention with her haunting and beautiful vocals that are the perfect mix of powerful and emotional. Her debut EP ‘Bold Enough’ captured the essence of this and showed a perfect contrast of who she wants to be as an artist through the evolving track listing.

With her stripped back material putting the main focus on her powerhouse vocals and vulnerable storytelling, she has decided to throw a little experimentation into the mix. Following the conclusion of her East Coast Australian Tour, she has released her new single ‘Find A Way’ which became a recent favourite in her live set. The dreamy indie-pop moment is an increasingly contemporary moment for the artist who usually leaves everything stripped back and raw. 

Reflecting on being able to lose all your insecurities and find peace within yourself, this song has a raw freedom that inhabits it. She finds truth within herself which finally sets herself free from her internal pressures. “I’m so sick of crying. I’m thinking that I think too much. I found my way of coping this time. I’m trying to find my way tonight’. It’s a self reflection and coming of age track that has a lot of synching potential. 

The fresh indie-pop production is very reminiscent of Vera Blue and Broods with it’s polished elements. Her vocals are not as strong as previous tracks because the production takes the forefront but this is still really strong song for her discography which stands out because it’s so different compared to her previous releases. 

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