SINGLE REVIEW: Alessia Cara – Ready

It’s officially summer in the US and to celebrate the season of road trips, beach days and fresh air, Alessia Cara has released a new single and announced a new tour and EP appropriately titled ‘This Summer’. However ‘Ready’ isn’t your typical “summer anthem”. It’s a relaxed track with a slight groove that would soundtrack the background of your road trips while you chat in between yourselves. It’s not really the song you would blast on the road trip and pull down your windows and sing along to like she was probably hoping for. 

It lacks the edge and sonical layering that it needs to completely stand out. Instead it finds comfort somewhere in the in-between. It melodically sounds like a watered down version of King Princess’ ‘1950’ with a really pop focus that gets lost in the story and concept. 

The lyrics and ideology are strong but it’s the execution that hears this song not making the impact it deserves. Exploring the idea of someone not being ready for a relationship, she confesses that she wont be waiting for them but secretly deep down she will be waiting. “I won’t be waiting for you to come around, to come around. I won’t be waiting for you, but I’ll be around, I’ll be around”. 

It’s a concept that could’ve been explored in a bigger way that could’ve made a huge global impact like ‘Here’ because it’s a universal feeling that all of us have experienced at one point or another. 

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