SINGLE REVIEW: The Rubens feat Vic Mensa – Falling Asleep At The Wheel 

The Rubens have broken through the Australian market and are no longer just Australia’s little secret. With an ever growing fanbase across the world, their third studio album ‘LO LA RU’ was a big success in many ways. The band even opened for P!nk on her massive arena Australian tour last year that perfectly cemented the huge impact they are making. 

In between their hectic touring schedule, the band have started working on new music and with their growing status and their energetic live show, it doesn’t come by much of a surprise that they want to experiment a little deeper. Stepping out of their comfort zones, they have teamed up with Vic Mensa for a collaboration that no one saw coming. 

The R&B influenced track is a very different direction for the Sydney based band with lead singer Sam Margin crooning through the verses and hook in a seductive and entrancing delivery. 

The song looks at being there for someone no matter what, no matter what time it is and falling in love so deeply that you can’t believe that it’s actually real. “Fallin’ asleep at the wheel. Tell me that this isn’t real”. Vic Mensa then jumps on the track for a strong verse which slides in perfectly. Within it’s context, it doesn’t seem like something that shouldn’t have happened. In fact this collaboration makes complete sense when listening to the song and works so well. 

It’s another example of how collaborations should be done. Because you would’ve never categorised these two artists together in the past but they’ve found a way to create something different and cool for their growing discography. 

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