It’s an announcement that G Flip fans have been waiting a long time for, but her debut album ‘About Us’ is finally being released on August 30. Building a legion of fans through her energetic live shows and her perfect synching of streaming with her singles ‘About U’, ‘Killing My Time’, ‘Drink Too Much’ and ‘I Am Not Afraid’, she has become a name you cant escape in the Australian market. 

Following the major album announcement and her guest appearance with The Rubens at Splendour In The Grass last weekend, she has dropped a new single that has been a fan favourite in her live set for over a year. ‘Stupid’ is a song about toxicity. A relationship that doesn’t work at it’s fundamental core but for some reason there is an emotional pull that brings you back to them and makes all the fighting somewhat worth it. 

The opening verse shows the vulnerable and emotional side of the toxicity. Taking a breath and realising that they made it through another night, she highlights the romantic side of wanting to survive through this as a couple. “Think we just made it through another night. You’re not crying and I’m not asking you why. Think we just made it through without a fight and now it’s quiet and I’m holding you tight”. 

The production through the verses is darker and slightly pulsating before the chorus adds dominating drums that lifts the songs energy. The chorus also questions the severity of the toxicity and why they keep going round and round in circles. “Why we always actin’ stupid? Why we always do this, do this, do this to ourselves? Why we always actin’ stupid? I wouldn’t wanna do this shit with anybody else”.

It’s a catchy song that has a lot of energy and really transforms to even bigger on the live stage. Get ready for one unforgettable debut album. 

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