SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – The Archer

It’s become apparent that Taylor Swift likes to “surprise drop” things with a bit of notice. Like for example, she will “surprise drop” a new track but only while she’s on a Instagram Live that she’s promoted for the past couple of days. It seems a little tedious to me, but that’s apparently what she wants to do in the lead up to the release of her seventh studio album ‘Lover’ which is out August 23. 

‘The Archer’ is the third track that Swift’s unveiled from her upcoming album and this is finally the first time we’ve heard something a little smarter than the childlike singles. Returning to her mature synth-pop sound that ‘Reputation’ explored, this song is very cinematic and dreamy at it’s core. 

From the opening bars it’s quickly made apparent that this is not an official single and instead just a future fan favourite with it’s dreamy aesthetic that will translate well into her live show. The production is slightly sedated with it’s energy and acts more like the mature sister of ‘Call It What You Want’. Produced by Jack Antonoff, the song has his untraditional method as he mixes up the format and allows the storyline of the song to lead. 

“Combat, I’m ready for combat. I say I don’t want that, but what if I do? Cause cruelty wins in the movies. I’ve got a hundred thrown-out speeches I almost said to you”, she confesses in the opening lines of the song. Exploring the idea that she can be the heartbreaker and the victim, she questions what if she enjoys being the heartbreaker. Is that such a bad thing? But its the bridge that really stands out with it’s imagery and melodical delivery. “All the king’s horses, all the king’s men, couldn’t put me together again. Cause all of my enemies started out friends. Help me hold on to you”. 

Throughout the entire promotional period of ‘Lover’, this was the type of song people were waiting for. Something that wasn’t gimmicky, or tasteless with it’s endeavours. Instead they just wanted Something that was honest, raw and dreamy and that’s what ‘The Archer’ is. 

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