SINGLE REVIEW: Kota Banks – 20 Missed Calls

Kota Banks is an artist that doesn’t seem to stop working. Whether it’s writing and recording in the studio or touring with artists like Mallrat and E^ST and playing festivals, the singer-songwriter has her eyes on the prize. (Yes, that was an unapologetically punny nod to her previous mixtape). After debuting her music via NLV Records, she has now signed to Sony Music Australia for whom she will releasing her new music through. 

Her first single through this new partnership is the sassy ‘20 Missed Calls’. Taking a unique spin on her previous material, this single explores her empowering stance through the emotional assets of a ballad. We’ve previously heard her in a grittier electronic way with big synths and beat breakdowns. But this time around it’s stripped back a little and confined into a ballad format. However, in typical Kota Banks style, this isn’t your “normal” ballad. There is still a heavy electronic influence with her vocal production and the dreamy synth chorus that shines through. She’s also adds in some texting ringtones and iMessage push sounds for extra texture. 

From the opening line; “Damn, boys really think with their dicks, it’s not a myth”, she cements her sassy and empowering edge that you’re already well acquainted with. But then she shows a bit more of a vulnerable edge as she leans into the chorus and asks him to reflect on what he’s done because she’s hurt. “I got 20 missed calls from you, give it a rest. And I don’t wanna talk it out, So don’t text me. 20 missed calls, and you sound like a mess, think about what you did”. She takes control of her emotions and the situation by not allowing him to walk all over her and realises she deserves more. She however does contemplate what to do next because there is a heartbreak and disappointment sentiment that is weighing on her brain. 

This is a strong debut for Kota Banks with Sony Music Australia as it shows a strong artistic growth and experimentation with the carefree bangers she was releasing prior. But let’s be real, we are ready for another anthemic banger from her soon too. 

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