Beginning the release schedule for her upcoming sophomore record, VERITE is an artist who is extremely underrated. Her debut album ‘Somewhere In Between’ was an impressive collection of heartfelt and vulnerable alternative-pop soaked in dark synths and dreamy harmonies. 

Following the unveiling of her new single ‘Gone’ and the beginning of a new chapter in her career, she has quickly released another new song to keep listeners hooked. ‘Youth’ is another dreamy and moody moment that is full of dark emotions and reflection. Questioning the process of love and heartbreak she reflects on wasting her youth on someone for them to just walk away and never look back. “I’ll waste my youth on you and you’ll never look back at me”. There is a sense of hope when falling in love that it will be the happy ending you’ve always searched for. But more often it’s just the start of another heartbreak where you try to hold on and prove your worthiness and they don’t care. “I’d hit rewind for you. Play it back a thousand times for you and you wouldn’t look back for me”.

This song is a rollercoaster of emotions and introduces the concept of an unfiltered look at relationships and love that Verite’s second album will look at.

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