SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – At Least I Look Cool

Sasha Sloan has a way of just being brutally honest in the most romantic way. Stripping away all her emotions and darkest thoughts, the Californian singer-songwriter manages to get into your head and articulate the words you’ve always wanted to say about life, relationships, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, family and growing up. Adding to her repertoire, ‘At Least I Look Cool’ addresses pretentiousness and trying hard to fit in but questioning why she actually cares.

This song has a playful concept where she reflects on Uber-pooling to a party, shopping at Target for clothes and struggling to pay rent. But on the “up-side” she is at some swanky party and living this pretentious party so It should be okay, right? But she explores this pretentiousness and how empty it can actually be as this is not really who she is as a person. “But at least I look cool at some house in Malibu. Taking pictures by the pool, doing these I never do but at least I look cool”. 

In between her laid back delivery, Sloan finds a slick melodical sway within her production that intertwines well with her soothing and reassuring harmonies. If this string of continuous singles from the singer-songwriter has taught us anything  it’s that she’s a force to be reckoned with and a strong representation of the vulnerable future of pop music. 

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