SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?

Over the past year Sam Smith has been experimenting heavier with his sound and finding a bolder confidence within himself. His Calvin Harris collaboration ‘Promises’ opened up a whole new side of his artistry and personality that was infectious and still relatable. Continuing that pretence with ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ he has backed it up again with the trap and electronic infused ‘How Do You Sleep’. While this song is deeply rooted in this new experimentation, he still delivers a heartbreak song full of heavy emotions that he’s known for. 

Exploring being cheated on, he ponders the thoughts of his partner with how he lives with himself through the actions he made and the lies he told. “Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me? All that shame and all that danger. I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight”. The intense emotion and hurt is there but with the upbeat production he creates something you can dance and cry to which is the ultimate mood.

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