SINGLE REVIEW: Charlotte Lawrence – Why Do You Love Me

I’m all about honest altpop tracks that stray away from the standard formulas that are gracing the airwaves. With artists like Julia Michaels, Sasha Sloan, VERITE, Nina Nesbitt, Sigrid and Vera Blue waving the flag of this concept proudly, another artist who is apart of the pack is US singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence. 

After touring the world she is back with a very honest and gritty new single that has a very experiential layering. ‘Why Do You Love Me’ speaks for itself. It’s a song that questions why someone loves her after everything they’ve been through. It’s the deep vulnerability and self conscious thoughts that shine through the cracks of your anxious mind. 

“If I’m fucking crazy, you’re fucking crazy, we’re all fucking crazy” she admits in the gritty post chorus. But it’s the chorus that really cements the raw honesty. \“I, I, I only love, love you when you don’t love me. Oh baby, so why do you, why do you, why do you love me”. 

It’s a song with a lot of cool and unique production layering that really stands out as something different and memorable. Oh, and don’t forget, very honest too. 

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