SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX feat Christine And The Queens – Gone

It’s been years in the making but Charli XCX’s third studio album ‘Charli’ has finally got a release date. Yes, that’s right, it’s actually being released! It’s an album that has been on and off for years and with a string of continuous singles and two mixtapes, her fans came to the conclusion that they would never hear it. They were wrong. 

Her second promotional single for the album is the BIG pop moment’ ‘Gone’ that hears her teaming up with Christine And The Queens. Polishing up her PC music, she delivers a very classic Charli XCX moment. With blunt verses where she isn’t afraid of unveiling her vulnerability she answers her honest questions with more questions. “Why do we love if we’re so mistaken? Why do we leave when the chase is gone?

The majority of the song is just classic recent Charli XCX. It doesn’t stray too far from her formula, but it’s towards the end of the song where she steps it up. The production breakdown and synth layering is PERFECT. It’s innovative and experimental and I can’t help but wish the whole song was like that.


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