LIVE REVIEW: K.FLAY – Oxford Art Factory 

K.FLAY is an artist who is constantly evolving. Speaking her truth, she has always bounced between different genres and used them to showcase varied emotions and thought processes. Her last record ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ was dark at it’s seams and the accompanying live show represented that with it’s rock attributes and gritty energy. But for her new album ‘Solutions’ she’s in a very different place. Finding a light and hopefulness, she is proudly in love and finding comfort in being vulnerable in a different way. And her new live show represents that with a whole new energy attached to her rock roots. 

Returning to Australia for a set at Splendour In The Grass this coming weekend, the singer-songwriter is warming up by playing two exclusive headline shows. Two years ago she played The Oxford Art Factory in Sydney for her debut Australian shows but this time round there is already a different excitement and energy in the air with her rising profile. As she took to the stage to the dark guitar riff of ‘Black Wave’, the crowd erupted as they screamed along to every lyric and jumped up and down during the angsty hook. Starting the set as a bit of a walk down memory lane she played the older material ‘Giver’, ‘Make Me Fade’ and ‘It’s Strange’ before welcoming everyone to the show. 

“Sydney, how are you going? My name is K.FLAY. Thank you so much for being here” she humbly acquainted herself. Excitingly stating that her new album ‘Solutions’ came out last Friday she asked the crowd if they were happy if she played some of the new album. They obviously and excitingly obliged. Playing the standout tracks ‘This Baby Don’t Cry’, ‘Sister’, ‘Not In California’ and the anthemic ‘Good News’, the hopeful new energy soaked into the set and had the dance moves flowing throughout the venue. 

Going back to her earlier material, she touched all bases with ‘Champagne’, ‘Can’t Sleep’, ‘Dreamers’ and even dedicated ‘Wishing It Was You’ to “perfect” people like Brad Pitt who have also liked someone that didn’t like them back. Which reiterated the idea that we are all human. We all feel. We all go through things like heartbreak.

With her perspective evolving, she delivered a dreamy stoner rock version of ‘High Enough’ before turning the angst up with a cover of ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. Thanking the energetic crowd for making her feel good, she closed the show with ‘Bad Vibes’ and ‘Blood In The Cut’ which were singalong gold. 

With her artistry constantly evolving, one thing has always remained the same; she is super talented and that will never change. 

Check out the preview of the gallery captured by Sian Sandilands Photography HERE; 

Photos by Sian Sandilands 

K.FLAY Australian Tour

Thursday July 18 – Howler, Melbourne

Friday July 19 – Splendour In The Grass, Byron Bay *SOLD OUT*

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