SINGLE REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – Blessing

Jessica Mauboy is really switching things up for her new album. ‘Hilda’ hears the singer-songwriter stripping things back to her roots and delivering a soulful R&B influenced sound that we were first introduced on her debut album ‘Been Waiting’. But after heading towards a heavy pop soaked sound, she has returned to where it all began and is giving listeners an intimate look at her life. 

‘Blessing’ is Mauboy’s third single from the new record and is one of the bold and fierce tracks she premiered during her recent intimate showcases in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

Alongside it’s empowering production it also has this cinematic lift to it which is dark, mysterious and has a strong growth to it. She reflects on a relationship where she wasn’t feeling valued and takes a moment to remind them that she is always worthy of feeling loved and special. 

“You should know that I’mma blessing. I’m not gonna waste a breath on you. You should’ve known I was your best and I don’t wanna save a prayer for you”. It takes an empowering stab at a toxic relationship and sees her walking away with her head held high and her truth spoken.

This is a very strong song that also serves as the opening track to her album and perfectly sets the bold and confident tone to this re-introduction to who Jessica Mauboy is as an artist.

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