SINGLE REVIEW: Beyonce – Spirit 

Beyonce’s role in the upcoming remake of The Lion King has been highly talked about for many reasons. But one of the main exciting factors surrounds hearing the icon sing some of the musicals legendary moments. After the announcement of her casting in the film it was started to be discussed if we would hear a new original song as a part of the soundtrack and that wish has seemed to be granted. ‘Spirit’ serves as the soundtracks lead single ahead of the films release next week. However the average ballad lacks the wow factor you expected or wanted. 

Beginning with a native tribal introduction, the intriguing production is quickly washed away by a stripped back and basic piano ballad. It’s something we’ve heard Beyonce do time and time again for soundtracks in the past and it’s nothing new or exciting. 

With it’s spiritual and religious storyline she calls out to the universe for guidance but if only they answered and told her maybe to go with a different direction. “Watch the heavens open, yeah. Spirit, can you hear it calling? Yeah”.

For a Beyonce song this is super average, and for the sake of The Lion King it truly deserved a better execution. 

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