With their sophomore studio album ‘Saves The World’ being released on September 6, MUNA are ready to give everyone all the nostalgic feels again. After the success of their groovy lead single ‘Number One Fan’ which oozes a funky simplicity, the Californian trio are stripping it back to give you pure emotion. ‘Who’ is a helpless love song centred in the middle of a heartbreak where you’re watching someone you love move on. Melodically this song takes a similar structure to their early material with indie-pop elements and it’s so cinematic and beautiful. 

Opening with the chilling line; “I never thought you knew what love was, until I heard you sing a love song” they perfectly set the tone for the track. Explaining how the love they shared never seemed reciprocated she asks for clarification during the chrous. “I need to know who, who. Who are you singing about?”. But during the bridge she confronts the truth. “And it was like a dream to hear such a sweet melody. But I knew it was not for me”. It’s such a heartbreaking realisation but it’s also so relatable. 

‘Who’ is the type of song you want to stare out of the window while your listening to it. That’s the sort of aesthetic it offers and it’s super dreamy and perfect for any heartbroken soul. 

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