SINGLE REVIEW: Ed Sheeran feat. Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars – BLOW

I just want to say that THIS is the sort of experimentation I was waiting for from Ed Sheeran’s upcoming ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’. ‘BLOW’ is a song that you would never expect to hear from Sheeran but that’s why it works so perfectly for this project. He finally proves that he’s not a boring singer-songwriter who is comfortable in his musical ways. Stepping out from his cemented roots, he teams up with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars for a rock anthem that is sonically shocking and captivating.

‘BLOW’ is the modern day version of an Aerosmith song. With it’s high energy and electrifying production, you won’t really know how to react. The chords are quite similar to Beyonce’s ‘Freedom’ with a heavier angst that electrifies the mood. Sheeran takes lead during the first verse before Stapleton amps it up and Mars then brings his unique swagger during the third verse. It’s such an unusual but incredible song that hears them talking a woman who is driving them crazy and making them want to take things to the next level. “I’m comin’, baby. I’m gunnin’ for you. Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind”. 

From a first listen you will be taken aback and severely impressed by how strong and different this song is for all three artists and that’s what the art of collaboration is all about. 

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